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Jan 09

Sharpen your Blades! Red Bull Event Promotions

Red Bull has me really hooked at the moment with their Crashed Ice Promotion coming up in Quebec City. I’ve looked at the promotional materials and a few clips of this event and it looks like complete insanity. Upon looking at it further I’ve noticed that this is a very different sports sponsorship than what many other larger companies have been doing ( such as sponsorship of an established event or buying naming rights to the venue) .

Rather than take something proven and established , Red Bull has partnered with  a host city ( locations included Helsinki, Stockholm, Moscow and  Quebec City since 2006) combined popular aspects of hockey and luge and created an event that they take they can take  full credit for.  Risky business, but obviously for Red Bull this works as this event has been going world wide since 2000.

This isn’t the first event Red Bull has hosted and created as they’ve been involved as well with the creation of FlugTag USA  ( home made gliders going over a cliff competing for the farthest distance, amazing!) . Overall I’m really excited for Crashed Ice to come around and thought this was a  great case of  a  brand promoting itself. You can check out the Crashed Ice Website here  or check out the the Youtube clip I’ve included . Crashed Ice is going to be occuring on Jan. 24th on TSN for those of you who want to watch it for yourself….. my goal is  to go and see it live in 2010!



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Dec 08

2009 Strategy

Stratigic Management had to be one of my favorite classes of the past term. I really enjoyed researching and putting together strategies for a wide range of companies ( if only Pilgrims Pride had merged…they wouldn’t be here ) I also had an awesome prof that got me thinking about where I’m going and deliberately positioning myself where I want to go instead of letting things happen passively ( Dr.Steven Gedeon is nominated for TVO’s Best Lecture, check it out here! )

I’ve had a lot of thought about it and I thought it would be important to create a strategy for myself in 2009 to ensure that I have a set direction of where I want to go with things. I think in general its also something that everyone should consider moving into the new year ( 3 more days!). Here are my 3 priorities for 2009:

1. Becoming more passionate: I’ve noticed that when I have a strong interest in a task or invest a lot of myself into something I’m much more effective and feel more strongly about it. As well I’ve been noticing that being passionate at what you do is a major success factor, I’ve seen a few cases where people just ooze passion and they are definitely at the top of their game.

So What?* On my part this is going to take 2 tactics. On the one hand I’m going to have to build passion and enthusiasim into the work I do, that means changing my attitude , having more in depth planning and building stronger focus.

My second tactic is going to be building my passion. I find exploring and experiencing new things has been something that’s always energized me, and I haven’t been doing that a lot lately. My goal for the year is going to be every week to go out and spend a few hours and try something new, maybe I’ll even build some long term interests.

2. Spend time on the right people : Something that I think was a bit of a downfall for me in 2008 was that I started the bad habit of trying to keep the people around me happy and ignoring what I needed. Despite my efforts to impress, things were very often onsided. On the other side of things, there were relationships that I really valued and never made the time to invest in them.

So What? Prority #1 for this goal is going to be reconnecting and spending time with the people I care about and value. Its going to be about breaking from the regular cycle and taking the time to be present. A side goal I would like to explore is also being with new people, seeing some new perspectives on things.

3. Taking care of my health: Being a student sitting at a desk for hours on end I’ve found that while I’m not gaining any wieght, I’m not getting any more fit either. Something I also need to watch for is a recently learned family history of heart disease.

So What? For me its going to be about setting the time and getting a routine together. This past term I bought a school gym membership and used it twice! This year I’ve got to get out of my bed ( despite how comfortable it is) and drag myself to get some exercise done. Its also going to mean building a bit more incentive in as well, my plan is to become a much better squash player in the coming year !

* Its pointless to have goals without strategies to get there, something my prof often commented on in assignments is the “So What” aspect of ones work. You can write something done but in the end what does it mean!