Budweiser Superbowl Promo at Dundas Square

dsc001044One of the reasons I enjoy taking classes at Ryerson is that its right beside Dundas Square, arguably Canada’s promotional/advertising mecca. Almost every day there is something going on from a different company, today it was a  huge promotion from Budweiser. dsc001061

I’ve taken some pictures  of the materials and events they had going on today, overall I had to say it was pretty cool from what I could see, though I don’t necessarily know if it will get the results they want (perhaps more people will view it  at night?) . Edge 102.1 was there broadcasting the contest going on  which was where contestants  had their hand on a Budweiser plane, whomever outlasts the rest  wins a Budweiser trip to the Superbowl.


Then they had the Budweiser beauties I guess you can say, they were there to get people to sign up for the flat screen tv contest and encourage people to use the football simulator.  The heat pylons where a nice touch as well, but no samples what gives! Overall  it was pretty interactive and eye catching  one day promotion . 


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