Do as I say…. not as I do?

Ok, so I saw this and thought it would be something hilarious to do :

Andy Nulman, I WANT YOUR BOOK  Pow Right Between the Eyes ! :P (Kevin Richard Unit 3  350 Huron St. , Toronto Ontario M5S 2G3) 

I feel really bad for doing this after listening and reading about how there can be a loss of credibility when taking materials from outside corporations/interests on  Six Pixels of Separation  but I’m also an avid reader and as marketing is my area of interest its kind of hard to pass this up. 

So Blog post for a book….not a bad deal.  If its any good I’ll write a follow up post, if not it this will never be mentioned again. I guess I’ll rebuild my legitimacy through puting up a good blog post very soon!

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  1. On its way in a few weeks. Keep checking back on the Pow! blog Kevin for some surprises about these 200 books.

    My best,


    P.S. And don’t feel guilty. This is no bribe. No “major ask” coming ;)

  2. Hmmm I don’t much like the sound of surprises….. will this book blow up in my face when I open it ?!

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