But I Just Want to Be Touched!

A major trend I’m currently seeing in consumer electronics is that we are becoming  much more involved with our electronics. We’re touching more, we’re feeling more and we’re also bringing more technology around with us as ‘life tools’ rather than leaving it at home. Here are some examples to show you what I mean:

Mobile Devices: Iphone, Blackberry Storm, Palm Pre ( and many others)

Computers: HP TouchSmart PC, Microsoft Surface,  and coming up the Crunch Pad, ‘Rumored’ Applie itablet, and Microsoft Courier. Laptops have gotten a lot smaller, much more tactile and are getting additional screens for added use.

Interactive Gaming: the hold in your hand Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and the Wii. Upcoming Xbox Natal and PS3’s new motion remote.

Other Products: touch screen GPS  and car displays, interactive footwear, Mp3 players with touch screens/internet/ video camera ….(truthfully I have a blank but the list definitely goes on!)

Erin McNaught Launches GPS System

Even more recently I was interested to hear about how some television manufacturers were beginning to make 3d televisions , this is a drastic shift! Television has often been an inactive activity and now you’re getting placed into your shows!  Electronics becoming more tactile and interactive is an interesting shift. Perhaps over the years people have felt a lot more passive and immobile with the use of PC’s and low touch devices.

With the improvement of wireless technology’s, smaller devices  and a more social internet maybe what we are seeing now are people in general wanting technologies that offer them an  experience and further feelings of freedom and attachment. For me thats an important shift to take into account and is something that can be used in terms of business and marketing.  Looking at customer experiences ( whether its interactive or passive ) how products are used ( are there ways to let a person know if they are doing this right? How can this product improve their life experience?)  and what  materials go into these products ( will material X feel better than material Y).

This may all seem very rambly…. or it may put things in perfect sense. I don’t know. Its just been something thats been on my mind for while, driving ideas and thoughts. Am I headed in the wrong direction with this or do I have a sense of sanity in these thoughts ? Let me know what you think.

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  1. PS: I'm trying out 2 image providers, let me know what you think!

  2. >Are you counting on thngis going wrong with your Ipad?Actually, no but I have heard of failure rates of as much as 30% from districts that have gone with Netbooks and that’s what I’d like to avoid. The true cost of ownership is never just the cost of the computer, you need to consider the cost of the computer and the cost (time and money) in terms of support. >If I want my students to create written work I would much rather they worked on a device that would not cause eye strain.Oh, please. I’m on a computer creating written work all day long and I’m doing fine. If what you want is an e-book reader then I’ve already agreed there may be better options but if you’re talking about blogging and presentation creation there is no disadvantage to a backlit screen. In fact, with elementary age students I am sure part of the allure comes from that color screen. I was impressed by my mom’s Kindle but I doubt my first graders would be. > If I wanted to create audio what are my options?The built in microphone.> limited or expensive keyboard optionThe keyboard on the device is built in. There are classrooms using the iPod Touch for blogging and their output is quite extensive. The larger keyboard on the iPad would only enhance their productivity. An additional keyboard really isn’t necessary. Here’s a sampling of educational apps available already for the device. Most of these are free or 2-3 dollars for up to 40 iPads:

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