So umm, first post on this new blog . Out of finally bending to the pressure of guys like Malcolm Bastien and Dan Hocking I’ve started up this blog. I’m going to be looking to bring everything from my old blog onto this site ( just for continuity) and then deliver some great and probably better content. Things are going to be gradually changing with this blog so don’t expect anything to stay exactly the same. I’m probably going to make a more definite choice on the theme and grab a few widgets to make things even better.

Overall stay tuned! This blog has a lot of life ahead of it!




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  1. You've accomplished the first rule of blogging wonderfully, get your own domain. But you failed miserably at the second, Never Listen to Dan Hocking!

    That guy hasn't blogged since July 15th!

    I've read your more recent posts. Keep it up.

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