Old Becoming New Again: Getting an Old School Shave

If something is new, more technologically advanced or simply has more moving parts we tend to generally think that something is better. Simple means that someone hasn’t been thinking about something hard enough about making it better right?  Well I’ve learned in at least the case of shaving that this isn’t necessarily true.

First thing out of the way, I am one hairy dude and my hair tends to sprout up like weeds. If you were to do a poll of men to ask how often they shave I’m sure you’ll generally hear that they shave every two to three days. Well for me it’s almost every day with the exception of weekends and holidays where I tend to give my face a rest and just generally look like a hobo otherwise.

The downside I used to experience with growing in a thick mane is that multi blade razors would clog up  and become ineffective. Of course this then means that you’re constantly replenishing your razor supply.  This changed about a year and a half ago when a fellow co-worker of mine suggested I try out shaving with a safety razor (not so much like safety scissors) of which afterwards I was hooked!

The Experience:

After getting the metal handle ( a Merkur razor) and a 20 pack of blades I was set. It was a bit of a bigger upfront cost ( about $60)  but it felt really good having the metal handle in hand when I shaved. Outside of this my experience was generally the same as usual. I would wet my face, plaster on some shave gel or foam and then begin gliding the handle across my face.

In general, a clean blade netted me a really smooth experience. It feels like having the single blade results in a more accurate shave with less need to return to the same spot. With my face unfortunately nicks and cuts still occur but they’ve been less painful and much less unsightly which is a plus. All in all its an enjoyable experience.

Getting Sucked In:

Learning recently that a buddy of mine straight blade shaves as well has gotten my thinking of exploring my other options in shaving. Recently I’ve picked up a shave brush and soap package and have been experiencing a different way in how my face gets prepped and lathered up. Something about getting myself an antique razor handle also draws me in. Seeing the old pop open razors has a bit of an allure for some reason.

For something that men do fairly often in life, shaving is something that has become very casual and routine. What was once a social experience of going to the barber and getting a hot shave, has now become more of a commodity. For myself, noticing the small community of those who invest more into their regular shave I’ve started noting new products and to potentially add  to make my daily morning routine even better.Getting the parts I need may not be as easy as going around to the corner store but I’d consider that another part of the overall experience.





  1. If it will help you and your readers, I have a bunch of videos on how to shave with “traditional” kit like yours. It’s at http://www.youtube.com/user/mantic59 (not sponsored!)

  2. Safety razors are ceraitnly a good choice, and when they are too dull to shave with you still have a relatively sharp throwaway utility blade. Several taped together can be useful for all sorts of things.However, don’t just throw these in your preparedness kit and not use them. Although quite good, there is a learning curve in comparison to common disposables, and an emergency situation is not the time for added cuts and scrapes.

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