Is Your Product Noteworthy?

Ok. So I’m taking this opportunity to write a blog post because I’m really impressed by a company I came across and it really started the gears going in my head ( surprising I know!). Anyways on to the company! I stumbled upon casually through  Reddit and its such a cool product!  The premise is you send 1 or multiple pictures of yourself , your hobbies/interests and a few other personal details and they make a really cool stuffed animal of you!

Mike Bisogno and his Buddy C/O

You now can never have to sleep or do anything else alone. You can do it with yourself!  ;) You could sort of say that its been done before with cheezy sites where you can send in a picture and you get a Barbie or porcelain doll that generically resembles yourself but I think this is much more cooler! These guys take into account your personality , facial features and even let you choose how your mini-me is dressed and recreate you (or your alter ego ) in this funny cartoon form. To make sure I’m not the only person who thought this was a cool product I checked out their Facebook Fan Page it seems I’m not alone! They have a decent sized community going.

So beyond me being a big geek about this product  why am I mentioning it? Why do I feel that a toy is worth a blog post outside of being cool? Well its a product that can be so easily talked about and I think thats such a great attribute for a startup or any other sort of company to keep in mind. So often companies just present a product without thought about how it can be more interesting and have more value than its obvious qualities. What does is takes a basic product of a toy and makes it a piece for discussion.  So in keeping this blog short and unrambly , products are much more interesting and easy to sell when they can be talked about. ( Or in true Reddit fashion TL;DR People talk about cool products. Find a way to make your product cool!)

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  1. oh man. this is awesome! the first person I thought of when reading about this was Saul Colt.

  2. With a western shirt? ;) That would be hilarious to see. I could totally see Saul doing that as well!

  3. This is pretty cool because the company is leveraging the trend of personalization and customization. I would add a longer comment but I’m off to get stuff toys of myself, it’s just too bad that I’m too late to give these out as Christmas presents this year. Perhaps in 2010. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

  4. Kevin Richard

    A very good point Jeremy. For each person its a different experience, giving customers an even stronger story to tell.

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